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WELCOME TO FoodSupport

Food Support International is a fast-rewarding Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Network company powered by the best and high reputable food processing companies world-wide to fight against starvation, poverty, economic crisis and also with the aim to empower lives by improving lifestyle and economy standard through our profitable business system. Our services system is with a vision to eradicate malnutrition, poverty, economic crisis, food insecurity, hunger and more. Food Support International helps people work together as a community upgrading the economy stardard to provide enough and sustainable food and also eliminating unemployment in the society.


Food Security

Food Support International provides access to sufficient, safe and nutritious foods items to meet your dietary needs and reduce food expenses.

Free Car Awards

Our rewarding marketing system offers free car awards to encourage members thereby upgrading their standard of living and ensuring wealthy lifestyle.

International Vacation

Enjoy free incentives as a partner of Food Support International such as Free, All-expense-paid International vacation around the world.

Financial Freedom

Our profitable service system offers passive income for life to our partners and also residual income to all partners.

Free Life Insurance Policy

Yes, once you sign up with us, you have a life insurance cover and we provides your beneficiary some financial support in case of natural or accidental death.

Scholarship Scheme

Food Support International provides scholarship scheme which is an opportunity for both graduates and undergraduates of members and members children.

Free Skill Acquisition

Our skill acquisition programme are designed to provide a platform to train and educate members on skills that help create wealth.

Housing Fund

Our members enjoys many free incentives and awards, one of which is free housing fund to ensure quality life and empower members.

Why join FoodSupport ?
Only One Time Registration
No Monthly PV/ Authorship
No Buying or Selling of Products
No Break Away
No Earning Conditions
Weekly Free Food Items/Payments Guaranteed
Skill Acquisition And Scholarship Scheme
Free Life Insurance Policy




Plan !


1×3 Matrix with spill over, makes you grow and move faster to any stage with big Awards and benefits. Once you register with ₦800, you will be at stage “0” known as feeder stage. Immediately you will be given a ₦100 worth of






Our food rewarding service scheme which encompasses civil servants, traders, pensioners, students, artisans, farmers and a wide array of low income earners, ensures that as soon as anyone register and meet the requirements; they are rewarded, also generate much needed income and in the process reduce their feeding expenses.
Drive away HUNGER from your homes.
Increase your disposable income.
Ensure good nutrition and food security.
Partner with us and live a wealthy lifestyle



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